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Who We Are?

Our association, the Értelmi Sérültek Gyöngyház Egyesülete (Pearl Association for Mentally Challenged People) was founded in 1995. It consists of dedicated people who are professionally committed and personal friends with mentally challenged people and consider their support as their own cause.

The goal of the Association is to create home-like, family-group natured life communities and to support those which already exist, where challenged people can find permanent home – if necessary. The Association operates Szederfa Otthon (Mulberry Tree Home) where residential care has been provided since 2005 and also a day program is available since 2006. The goal of the Home is to afford the opportunity for challenged
people and their helpers to form a community and live a meaningful
and substantial life.

The building of Szederfa Otthon is one of the last original Schwabian farmhouses in the village. During the renovation we tried to preserve the authentic character of the house as much as possible.
In our musical life we also respect and keep the traditions. Our life is organised by the Christian festivals and traditions.
Our mission includes spotlighting the social knowledge about
challenged people by providing opportunity of personal meetings and
wider publicity. We want to be active participants in raising consciousness on social responsibility.

Address: 2181 Iklad, Szabadság út 75.
phone: +36 28 796 893 (residential home)
web: www.szederfa.hu
email: szederfa@szederfa.hu
Tax number: 18081651-1-13
Bank account:
ERSTE Bank: 11600006-00000000-93580366
IBAN:HU12 1160 0006 0000 0000 9358 0366